Tuesday, 2 August 2011


PF paid on the next day of retirement

Following the 'wind of change' the District Primary School Council (DPSC) in Cooch Behar came out with a praiseworthy initiative by handing over cheques for payments from Provident Fund to four teachers on the next day of their retirement. The astonished teachers thanked the DPSC and the state government as well. They said they never thought that they would be able to get the benefits of the PF so early.  

Three headmasters and one teacher retired on 31 July from their respective schools. They are Mr Nabani Ranjan Deb of Nandichhechura First Plan Primary School (Tufanganj), Mr Ashutosh Chanda of Nirmala Devi Primary School (Tufanganj), Mr Santosh Kumar Das of Hatidoba Primary School (Baneswar) and Ms Maitri Dey of Sunil Smriti Primary School (Cooch Behar Sadar).

On Monday (1 August) afternoon these four retired teachers received their PF benefits by cheques from the DPSC chairperson Ms Kalyani Poddar. She told the reporters that she felt proud because she was able to handover the PF beneficial amounts to the retired teachers on her 29-th day in the DPSC. She also assured that the teachers would start to get their pension very soon.

Several teachers in Cooch Behar said there was no example that any teacher received their PF or pension on the next day of their retirement in Cooch Behar district. The newly formed DPSC has set an example by doing a commendable job. Earlier, teachers had to face many difficulties for a long to get the retirement benefits, they said.

DPSC chairperson Ms Poddar told the media persons that there was no work culture in the DPSC in earlier days (read 'during the leftist regime'). Chief minister Ms Mamata Banerjee asked all to restore work culture and they are trying to follow it, she said.  

JDA to develop Jaigaon

State Trinamul Congress general secretary Mr Mihir Goswami took over charges of the Jaigaon Development Authority (JDA) on Monday. He promised that he would try his best to develop Jaigaon though the 21-year-old JDA failed to do any good during the past years.

The JDA was formed on 18 July in 1990 under West Bengal Town and Country Planning Act, 1979 consisting of 46 square-kilometre area. Jaigaon is adjacent to the border of India and Bhutan. It is an important small town but lack of proper development kept it lagging behind for a long. Mr Goswami assured that he would take measures to fulfil the aspirations of the locals by improving the condition of the picturesque township. 

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