Monday, 2 May 2016

Chief Minister starts campaign in Cooch Beahr district

Mamata Banerjee in Cooch Behar

Tufanganj (Cooch Behar) : "Matha Thanda Cool Cool, Cooch Behar-e Jora Ful" – with this slogan Trinamul Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee begged votes for nine Trinamul Congress candidates of Cooch Behar district. She initiated her electioneering in this district by addressing a gathering at Mahakuma Krira Sanstha Maidan in Tufanganj of Cooch Behar this afternoon. She will also address a number of meetings today and tomorrow in the district.

Mamata alleged that they came to power four-and-half years ago but got no financial independence due to previous state government's misdeeds.

"I visited Cooch Behar several times to review the progress of work. The state government did 95 percent work so far", she claimed referring a number of projects undertaken by the Trinamul-led state government. She mentioned successful implementation of the projects like Kanyashree, Shikshree etc. She claimed that they gave the people rice against Rs 2 per kilogram. She uttered slogans like "Dui taka kilo chal dilo ke, Trinamul Congress abaar ke" and "Bini paisay haspatal dilo ke, Trinamul Congress abar ke". She also claimed that construction of roads, solving of Chhitmal (Enclave) problem and many more works they did successfully and so the Trinamul Congress should win the election.

"Trinamul Congress is confident of victory in the polls held so far in other areas. If we get more seats in North Bengal we will be more powerful", she said. After returning to power the undergoing pro-people and progressive projects will continue with no problem, she promised.

She came down heavily on the BJP and alleged that the party is planning to divide Cooch Behar and Darjeeling. "We will not in a position to allow them to do so", she vowed. "We will not allow them to divide but we will go on with developmental works", she added. She said this as the BJP joined hands in Darjeeling with GJMM and with Greater Cooch Behar Peoples Association (Ananta Roy faction) in Cooch Behar. "We will not allow the BJP, Congress and the CPIM to divide Bengal anymore".

"In this election we are fighting alone but the people are with us, as in the last Lok Sabha election. We don't want to go together with the BJP, Congress or CPIM", she said. In other districts they failed to pull votes in their favour and that will be repeated here in Cooch Behar too, Mamata predicted.

Referring the Central force, the Chief Minister said that they are doing excesses but one should not be panicky. She asked the people to cast their votes without any fear. "We made Bengal No 1 in several fields and want to do more for progress of Bengal" and so Trinamul Congress want support from the people in the election, Mamata said.

Union Home Minister in Cooch Behar

No difference between LF, TMC regimes: Rajnath

Cooch Behar (WB), May 1 (PTI) Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh today came down heavily on the Trinamool Congress and Left Front saying there was no difference between the two regimes.

The TMC came to power five years ago with a promise of 'parivartan' but West Bengal saw no change as law and order situation continues to be poor, Singh alleged.

Earlier Left Front used to attack people and now TMC is doing the same, he claimed.

"Ma, Mati, Manush are not safe in this state," the senior BJP leader said while addressing an election meeting here in Cooch Behar district where polls will be held for the last phase on May 5.

However, he said, things will change. "You note down the names of the anti-social elements who attack people. It is our duty to keep you safe under democracy," the Union Home Minister said.

He said if the people bring the BJP to power in the state, it will stop the "existing bomb making industry".

Singh asked the gathering about availability of drinking water, schools, teachers, hospitals, doctors or medicines in their areas.

The people replied in the negative to all the questions.

Singh then said, "Do you want such a government anymore? We want to change this situation."

Referring to the Agusta Westland chopper deal scandal, he alleged that top Congress party leaders were involved in it and the Left Front has forged an alliance with this party.

He mocked at the alliance saying, "Kerala me ladai aur Bengal me sagaai" and claimed that they joined hands not for politics, but only to grab power.

A large section of the gathering was of Greater Cooch Behar Peoples Association (GCPA) supporters. They attended the meeting with flags of their organisations.